Day 2 of Rīga City Festival will feature a variety of cultural and sporting events in the city centre and its suburbs

F64 Photo Agency 14.08.2020

August 15, the second day of Rīga City Festival, invites residents and visitors to enjoy a variety of events in the city centre and in the suburbs, listen to concerts, enjoy dishes from the best restaurants, take part in the big picnic at Mežaparks and in sporting activities.

On Saturday, festivalgoers will be able to enjoy a varied concert programme in several suburbs of Rīga. Street music event “Rīga’s retro” will take place in Sarkandaugava and Jugla. The concert cycle “The boat glistens on the water” will feature popular musicians and artists in Ziedoņdārzs Park, Arkādijas Park and Ķipsala beach. Visitors to Māra’s Lake will hear a number of artists at the concerts “The voice of Māra’s Lake. Coastal music” and “Summer time”. The musical performances of new and rising stars will be heard at Āgenskalns Market, the courtyard of Rīga Dome Choir School and Kalnciema Quarter at concerts “New talents and rising stars”, while in the park of the culture palace “Ziemeļblāzma” visitors are invited to the concert “About summer, flowers and love”. Throughout the day, the concert “A walk along Lake Jugla” will be heard in Jugla, while in Purvciems, young musicians will perform in the concert programme “The sounds of Purvciems”, and the folk duet concert “Under one roof”. The orchestra “Rīga” will perform in Town Hall Square, in the city centre, while the concert “Song bridges from heart to heart” will bring joy to audiences in Vērmanes Garden Park. Musical performances will also take place in Kronvalda Park, St.Peter’s Church in Rīga and Rīga Domas Dārzs.

On the festival’s second day, festivalgoers are invited to go on themed walks. A route has been specially created for Rīga City Festival and guides dressed in Art Nouveau costumes will take visitors back to the early 1920s in Rīga, walking down Alberta Street and the surrounding area on the tour “A walk around Art Nouveau Rīga”. In New Teika, the walking route will be formed by flower installations beckoning visitors to immerse themselves into a world of flowers and music, while participants of the walk “Cultural canon values of Rīga” will learn more about the history of Rīga and Latvia’s cultural canon. Festivalgoers are invited to walk along the city canal and enjoy a concert performed on floating stages throughout the day. Those wishing to learn more about the films which have been filmed in the streets and squares of Rīga, as well as the movie stars who have filmed in Rīga, should go on the “Cinema walk”. Families with children are welcome to take part in the walk to discover more about the city – “Old Town Expert”.

Young children will be entertained by a festival programme at Spīķeri and Vidzemes Market, with music performances, puppet theatre shows and many other activities. Circus artistes will also keep children entertained, including acrobats from France and Spain, who will perform in Dzegužkalns.

There will be fun for the whole family with music, performances, dances and games in Grīziņkalns. Themed events with a festival feel will take place on Tērbatas summer Street, in Mazjumprava Manor and the garden of Eduarda Smiļga Museum, Neatkarības Square and elsewhere in the city. Food lovers will be welcome at the festival restaurant which will be set up in the square near the Latvian National Art Museum, and the Big Picnic at Mežaparks.

Rīga City Festival has always been full of sporting activities and this year residents and visitors will be able to watch sporting events as well as take part in physical activities. Professionals and amateurs will compete at Rīga’s draughts festival, festivalgoers will be able to visit the “9th Open Rīga’s Wushu Cup”, watch aviation shows and the Rīga Yachting Cup competition. As every year, the 24 hour basketball tournament “Battle of the riverbanks” will take place, which onlookers this year will be able to watch on LTV7 and the portal