Characters from the capital’s legends invite people to experience the spirit of Riga’s time in a special concert


On the third day of Riga City Festival, on August 18th, from 11:00 to 17:00 the concert “Song Bridges Unite Generations” on Origo Summer Stage at Station Square will gather together performers of different generations. At the culmination of the concert from 16:00 the youngest of Riga’s residents and guests will be able to enjoy the performance with audience participation “Riga Will Awaken with Bells”.

“In the busy daily life of Riga we can easily pass by fellow people and friends and not even notice how the city’s core values that hold us all together waver,” comment the organizers of the concert cycle “Song Bridges”. On Sunday, at the foot of the central clock of Riga Train Station characters from Riga’s legends will step on stage. They will invite people to feel the passage of time at the capital of Latvia and to remind with heart-warming songs that each and every one on of us is an important protector of our time and our values.

“Riga’s heroes are not just historical characters frozen in time. People of Riga in their daily life can get inspired by the helpful legendary Big Christopher, borrow courage from the rooster of St. Peter's Church and to express themselves by finding a place for even the tiny mouse of Dome Cathedral,” announces lyricist Andris Akmentiņš. The author of the concert idea Arnis Miltiņš adds, “We created a concert format that would allow everyone to reflect and to participate in the performance, because we are all contemporaries even if we do not always understand that.”

This time, characters from Riga’s legends will be impersonated by Aija Vītoliņa, Andris Ērglis, Kristiāna Stirāne, Mārtiņš Ruskis, Laima Miltiņa, Atis Ieviņš, Lauris Valters, actor Artis Robežnieks and the new singers from ensemble “Momo”. It should be emphasised that the songs of the concert programme were first performed at the 800th anniversary of Riga in 2001 and this performance is another bridge of time between different generations.

“Wish to guard strength, guard what you love, guard what you love, the only one…” with these words knight Rolands, whose statue (usually tight-lipped) can be viewed in front of the House of Blackheads, encourages to love and guard your city and your land.