There will be a variety of fairs at the Riga City Festival this year


Fairs have always had a special place at celebrations, therefore at the 818th anniversary of Riga people will be able to visit and shop at various festival fairs and participate in the Big Picnic in Mežaparks, at the Riga City Festival Restaurant. Everyone will be welcome at the fairs of craftsmen, domestic producers and artisans at 11. novembra krastmala, in Mežaparks, Esplanāde and Neatkarības Square. Visitors are also invited to Bread street and Book street.

Traditionally one of Riga City Festival’s biggest locations is 11. novembra krastmala. There during the festival one of the biggest craftsmen’s fairs will take place alongside a diverse cultural programme. Public catering mobile cafeterias will also operate there and they will be open for visitors.

A wide selection of goods created by craftsmen, domestic producers and artisans will be available in Esplanāde at the event “A Piece of Latvia” which will gather together craftsmen and producers of Latvian goods. While visiting the fair, everyone interested will be able to find out about the tourism offers of Latvian towns and regions and watch the regions’ cultural programme “Latvian Legends”. “Latvian Trailer Reunion” will also take place during this event; visitors will be able to buy sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, pizzas, coffee, ice cream cocktails and a wide variety of different dishes from the trailers. On August 17th residents and city guests will be able to visit Bread street at this location. But on August 18th at the event “Latvian Craftsmen for Children” everyone will have the opportunity to buy Latvian made goods for children and wares made by craftsmen – developmental toys, board games, toys for active recreation, design objects and children’s clothes. On this day the Giant Puppet and Talisman Festival will also take place in Esplanāde.

Latgale’s Days have been taking place during the Riga City Festival for many years. There alongside learning about the tourism opportunities of the regions and watching cultural programmes, visitors will be able to purchase delicious treats from Latgalian villages, as well as ceramics, wicker-work, embroidery and many other things characteristic to the region. Also in Neatkarības Square visitors will a have the opportunity to see potters working with clay, weavers weaving on looms and a blacksmith working in a forge.

A new event of the Riga City Festival will take place this year – the Big Picnic in Mežaparks. There visitors will get the chance to sample refreshing drinks and dishes from different countries and purchase products made by Latvian craftsmen and local domestic producers. A charge of positive energy with the audience will share group “Dagamba”, composer and instrumentalist Raimonds Tiguls, kokle player Laima Jansone and “Ceremoniju Orķestris”. The favourite fairy-tale characters will entertain children with fun diversions and interesting games.

Riga City Festival this year will be a different because of the Livonian Day and IV Livonian Song Celebration “Līvõd lōlõd pivād” that will take place in Dzegužkalns. The event will start with activities for children and a brunch outdoors in a Livonian atmosphere. Throughout the day everyone will have an opportunity to learn some words in Livonian and to act out Livonian legends in various activities.

During the Festival visitors will be able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a market and a meal outdoors at the popular Riga City Festival Restaurant. There Riga’s best chefs will introduce restaurant guests to seasonal dishes made from local products. Following the theme of this year's celebration – legends – chefs will create legendary dishes related to legendary events and times. Live music will be performed at the restaurant throughout the day.

Interested visitors who will want to purchase some books in a market atmosphere will be welcome at Book Street in Vērmanes Garden.