There will be a multi-coloured programme of events for families with children at the Riga City Festival


At the Riga City Festival, which will take place from August 16th to 18th, there will be a multi-coloured programme of events – concerts, plays, educational and entertaining workshops, meetings with circus artists, clowns and trick performers, cinema screenings, games and diversions. Families with children will be welcome at every one of the 40 festival locations, but in particular – at Vērmanes Garden, where the event “Garden of Fairy Tales” will take place for two days.

Traditionally one of the festival’s locations is Vērmanes Garden and this year the event “Garden of Fairy Tales” will take place there. Festival days could be spent there in the company of fabulous, fantastic and legendary characters. Tales and stories, as well as tricks and magical wonders will reside in the performance tent at the very centre of Vērmanes Garden, where there will be performances by theatre troupes, puppet theatre and different trick performers, but fairy tales about Riga and miraculous events from the olden times will be told by actor Jānis Skanis. Street circus artists Mr. Banana from Germany and Horn man from Belgium will show of their skills in the park territory. There will be diverse creative workshops and entertainments on the lawns of the park, such as wooden games, a soap bubble show, a merry-go-round and games with fairy tale characters, as well as Riga Porcelain Museum’s creative workshop “Legends of Riga”. Well-known and beloved, as well as brand new Latvian cinema films for family audiences will be projected on the big screen on the open-air stage of Vērmanes Garden. There will also be improvisation theatre performances. Everyone at Vērmanes Garden will have the opportunity to see performances by the clown group “Squadra Sua” from Prague – Riga’s friendship city.

A nice event with painting, music, games, creation of stained-glass panels and clay mouldings, as well as clothes and jewellery will take place at Riga Dome Cathedral, where children together with parents will have a chance to learn more about the old church and its history in an active and creative way. Meanwhile the celebratory programme of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation will offer tours, exhibitions, meetings with storytellers, creative animation workshops for children, theatrical improvisations, quiz “I am a legend of Riga and visits to a photo salon.

Families with children are also welcome at the culture-spaces “Strops”. There will be a theatre performance “Dad” in Pļavnieki, but in Ziepniekkalns the Puppet Theatre “Rikko” will put on a performance of “The Three Little Pigs and a Wolf”.

During the Riga City Festival visitors, including children with parents, are invited to VEF Culture Palace to watch performance “Songs of the Land” by Taipei circus group FOCA; they are also welcome to visit the cinema pavilion of Culture Palace “Ziemeļblāzma”, where children will have the opportunity to learn the basics of cartoon creation in the creative workshop “Zootrops”.

At the Riga City Festival children will have the opportunity to meet with animals and see their skills. There will be an international dog agility competition in Lucavsala, where visitors will be able to watch dogs racing through an obstacle course, but in Uzvaras Park at the event “Latvian Horses Before and Now” there will be a Pony Beauty Contest, horse riding demonstrations, horse rides for visitors, as well as creative workshops for children and adults.

Children are always waiting for the fireworks. This year, they will take place on August 17th at 11. novembra krastmala at the conclusion of the Great Concert “Student Legends of a City”. On August 18th both big and small visitors will be welcome at the same place for the event “City Tales. Our Tales”. This event will offer diverse activities related to Riga’s tales for families with children and young people and to commemorate the Riga City Festival everyone will be able to get a photo next to the colourful art object – the sign “RĪGA”.