Riga City Festival 2018 will celebrate Latvia’s Centenary and the anniversary of the Riga Latvian Society


The Riga City Festival will take place a month from now already — from August 17th to 19th. It is the most anticipated event of the year for many of Riga’s inhabitants and city guests.

For three days during the festival, residents and guests will be able to enjoy diverse musical performances and magnificent shows, participate in sports activities in water and on land, visit festival’s fairs, as well as experience unforgettable emotions during the event programmes of 11. novembra krastmala and Vērmanes Garden Park.

In 2018, Riga Latvian Society, which is the oldest Latvian organisation and which has had a prominent role in the history of the formation of the nation and the creation of an independent state, celebrates its 150th anniversary. For exactly this reason, as part of the Riga City Festival, all three days Riga Latvian Society will welcome people at a celebration in Vērmanes Garden Park and Riga Latvian Society House, bringing to life older and more recent pages of history, allowing visitors to feel the atmosphere of the turn of the 20th century.

Marking the centenary of the Baltic States, the orchestras of their capital cities - Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius — have united in a concert “The Sounds of Centenary”, which will be performed on August 18th at VEF Culture Palace.

Riga’s inhabitants and guests from Latvia's regions, nearby and faraway countries will be welcome on August 18th at 11. novembra krastmala, which will be transformed into an airport where friends, relatives and neighbours will arrive for the celebration. Festival’s visitors will be able to look into the mysterious daily routine of the International Airport “Rīga”, which is usually invisible to the travellers, watch the parade of airport’s equipment and enjoy performances by Riga’s friendship cities and guest collectives. This year, we will be visited by artists from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Prague, Republic of Korea, Chile and Taiwan.

Whereas on August 19th the Baltic Drum Summit will take place at 11. novembra krastmala; it is the only drum summit not only in the Baltic States but in all of Northern Europe. During the summit drummers will also play pieces by Latvian composers and modern arrangements of folk songs.

On all festival days at Līvu Square visitors will be able to see a photo exhibition “Riga in 100 Years”, which is a dedication to Latvia on its Centenary. The exhibition will provide an insight into important events in Riga’s and Latvia’s history over the century.

On festival days, on August 18th and 19th Riga City public transport will be free of charge.