A number of foreign artists’ collectives with their performances will bring joy to the Riga City Festival


This Riga City Festival a special significance is given to the Centenary of the Latvian State and to the 150th Anniversary of the Riga Latvian Society, as well as to friends and neighbours. Therefore, there will be an interesting, visually impressive event programme for the celebration in the capital featuring guest artists — friends and neighbours. Artists from Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Spain, Korea and Sweden will come to the Festival.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Czech street theatre “V.O.S.A. Theatre” acrobatic group, with whom Riga’s inhabitants are already familiar, will perform at 11. novembra krastmala with two shows “Fishes” and “Angel”. At the same place visitors will also be delighted by the Taipei Youth Folk Sports Group with their demonstration of “diabolo” tricks. “Diabolo” is an exciting toy and also a folk game. At 11. novembra krastmala during the 4th Baltic Drum Summit Festival’s guests will be able to see a performance by the drumming group “Tago” from the Korea Republic. The show will feature a variety of traditional Korean musical instruments — from gigantic drums to miniature percussion instruments. Everyone who likes contemporary circus will be welcome at Jāņa Rozentāla Square, where the performances by three different circus artists will feature in an event “Centripetal Force”. The Spanish dance company HURyCAN in the performance “Asuelto” will show relationships between people using body movements and revealing that our body is a powerful weapon of communication. Whereas in the performance “Fisura” by clown Murmuyo from Spain, the main instrument will be his own body and using it he will show his emotions and create images securing a light and playful atmosphere, in which the most important thing will be the interaction with the audience. The contemporary circus group “Soon Company” from Sweden has prepared an interesting surprise. Their performance “Gregarious” will be a fine irony of the choices of today’s world when in the everyday rush while fighting for status, money and fame we forget about human values.

Festival’s visitors will also be able to meet the traditional music group Montemar from Chile that will bring joy to all with Chilean folk songs on the Origo Summer Stage and at 11. novembra krastmala. As has become tradition during the Riga City Festival, there is a concert cycle “Song Bridges” that lasts three days and takes place on Origo Summer Stage. This year spectators will have the opportunity to see performances by several popular bands from the neighbouring country Estonia. They will warm up the fans before the European Volleyball Championship qualification game in Arena Rīga.

There will also be performances by artists from the neighbouring countries at the VEF Culture Palace, where marking the centenary of the Baltic States the orchestras of their capitals — Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius have united in a concert programme “The Sounds of Centenary”. The concert will include compositions by A. Maskats, R. Pauls, J. Rääts, E. Tamberg, T. Leiburas. In the first part of the concert Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Vilnius City St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra and Orchestra “Rīga” will perform with separate programs. In the second part of the concert, all three orchestras will unite symbolically forming associations with the unity of the Baltic States and they will play pieces by composers from the Baltic States, as well as a suite by Duke Ellington for jazz band and orchestra called “Night Creature”. Popular soloists from all three countries will perform together with the orchestras in the concert.

In addition to the performances by guest artists at the festival, everyone will have the opportunity to go see specially prepared exhibitions, enjoy concert programmes, attend several fairs and events for children, have lunch in the Riga City Festival’s restaurant and participate in sports activities.


On festival days — August 18th and 19th — Riga city public transport will be free of charge.