Festive Programme

00.00 - 00.00

Folk music group “Montemar” in its performances expresses Chilean nature — the beauty of the long and picturesque roads, rivers and mountains, as well as that of the legends, traditions and hopes of its people.

The majority of the members of the group are professional traditional music experts that have promoted and spread Chilean folklore, its songs and dances from the 1970s up to this today. “Montemar” members include people of different ages.

  • 13.40 - 14.00 on Origo Summer Stage
  • 18.20 - 18.40 at 11. novembra krastmala

Čīles Republikas vēstniecība Zviedrijas Karalistē, Čīles Goda konsulāts Latvijā, Santjago pilsēta