Festive Programme

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Performances start at 14.40 and 17.40

'Diabolo" is an ancient and interesting toy and it is the most popular folk game in the northern part of China. With diabolo it is possible to execute a variety of tricks that are easy to learn. When playing diabolo, players, manipulating the sticks, spin the diabolo, which is similar to a yo-yo, on a string and it creates a sound.

Since 1988 Taipei Municipality’s Hongdao Secondary School has promoted three national folk games — "Rope Skipping", "Diabolo" and "Shuttlecock Kicking". The school established a special Physical Education class, which in 2002 was accredited by the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government. Since then the school has cultivated a lot of talents. Taipei City Council supports the development of these games — Rope Skipping, Diabolo and Shuttlecock Kicking, thus popularizing the Taiwanese culture all over the world.


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