Festive Programme

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Artists, writers, composers, directors and craftsmen who have associated their professional activity or their personal life with Strazdumuiža Village — the place of residence for blind or partially sighted people — will be honoured at Strazdumuiža Village Festival.

In honour of these people informative educational stands about them will be created and there will also be activities related to every one of them. Personalities such as composer Edgars Runga, Arveds Mihelsons (Rutku tēvs) – author of “Vella kalpi” (“The Devil’s Servants”), Aivars Lorencs – scientist and mathematician, representatives from the Pihlavi family etc. will be celebrated at this event.

During the event there will be inflatable attractions and creative workshops for children and at the conclusion of the event will perform musical group "Ballīšu orķestris”.


Rīgas dome