Festive Programme

00.00 - 00.00

During the event, the Spilve Aerodrome will be open to the public — Riga’s inhabitants and guests will be able to see the aircrafts that have flown in and they will be able get to know the technology and the pilots, as well as watch the stunt flights in the sky.

The stunt flights will be executed by the best pilots from Latvia, also by planes made in Latvia, and by Lithuanian sportsmen who are some of the world’s most elite masters of aerobatic flying. An important part of the demonstration will be helicopter stunts performed by the National Armed Forces and the State Border Guard. 

Public will be introduced to the technical capabilities of our country in case of a catastrophe or for the prevention of accidents, as well as for the protection of our borders. Guests form Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Sweden are expected.

It is possible to get to Aerodrome Spilve by personal car hrough the territory of Daugavgriva Highway 2, but keep in mind that the parking fee for the parking lot will be EUR 2.00 and parking spaces will be limited. Therefore, it is advisable to use public transport services to get to the venue, bus stop "Voleri". 

Spilve Aerodrome can be reached:

  •  By bus on route No.3, No.30 to the stop “Voleri”
  •  By minibus on route No.246a to the stop “Voleri”

Visitors will be able to get into the event venue with bicycles; however, special bicycle racks for them will not be provided.


Rīgas dome