Festive Programme

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On Latgale’s Day in Riga it is already a tradition to have the Programme of the Thematic Villages of Latgale with travelling market, craftsmen’s workshops, cheerful music and dancing. In Latgale’s market visitors of the Riga City Festival will be able to buy goods from Latgalian villages — fragrant black rye bread, cheese from the countryside, smoked meat, homemade sausages and bacon and raspberry and blackcurrant wines from home wineries, as well as jelly candies made from berry juices, honey and wax products, herbal teas, traditional Latgalian ceramics, wicker-work, embroidery and soup from the large pot, and, in addition to all this, visitors can also enjoy the hospitable and warm atmosphere — exactly like in Latgale!

At the same time everyone will be able to learn about the tourism opportunities in Latgale.