Festive Programme

00.00 - 00.00

The tradition filled event — the carnival-like competition with pedal boats this year will take place for the 18th time and there, as usual, 30 teams will amicably compete for titles of "The Fastest Canal-Rider", "The Most Elegant Crew" and "The Sad Water Grinder". These three titles have remained unchanged since the first “Canal Regatta”, which took place in 1994. This year there will be additional titles such as “The Fastest Latvia’s Port” and “The Freeport of Riga’s Sympathy”.

In honour of Latvia’s Centenary there will be some changes in “Canal Regatta 2018”. The participating teams will not be from well-known Latvian companies, but from 30 Latvian cities and ports. The venue of the event will also be changed – the fun competition will still take place in Riga’s Canal, but the section will be changed – not from Bastejkalns to Latvia’s National Opera and Ballet House, but at Kronvalda Park, next to the Freeport of Riga Authority.

Programme of the event:

  • 12.00 Opening Ceremony and the Procession of Teams
  • 12.30 Start of the competition and team performances on stage
  • 15.00 Musical performances on stage

  • 17.30 Award Ceremony

All day there will be activities for children and adults at the location of the event and a radio SWH live stream will take place there. 


RIGATV 24, Radio SWH