Festive Programme

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V.O.S.A. Theatre was founded in 2010 to represent the Czech Republic at the World Exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, China. Since then V.O.S.A. Theatre has performed both in the Czech Republic and at international theatre festivals outside of its homeland.

This year Riga City Festival’s guests will be surprised with two street parades — “Fishes” and “Angel”. “Fishes” will invite visitors to swim together through Riga’s streets sharing love and tenderness and making the moments spent at Riga City Festival even more colourful. Whereas during the “Angel” parade the 7m high puppet with his companions — mysterious celestial musicians — will fly down to Riga’s streets to give peace, joy and happiness to festival’s visitors. 

Performances start at:

  • on 18th of August  15.40, 17.40 and 19.40  
  • on 19th of August  12.10 and 15.30 

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