Festive Programme

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Riga dome Cathedral will open its doors for the little visitors so parents and their children could learn about Riga Dome in a creative way, particularly about its role as a carrier of culture, history and Christian values.

Under the tutelage of skilled experts children will paint, create stained glass panels, clay mouldings and learn ancient wisdoms — how to properly make bricks, try out different musical instruments, create clothes and jewellery and will try to find out Dome Cathedral’s secrets on the Adventure Trails.


Rīgas dome

Sadarbības partneri: dzejniece Inese Zandere, arhitekts Kārlis Stepe, LMA profesore Inguna Audere, tērpu māksliniece Sonita Pāvuliņa, māksliniece Ieva Bondare, māksliniece, mākslas vēsturniece Ance Gricmane.