Festive Programme

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In 2018, it has been 150 years since the founding of the oldest Latvian national organization — the Riga Latvian Society.

It was founded in 1868 and resumed it activities on January 14th, 1989. The Riga Latvian Society has an outstanding role in the history of the nation and in the process of establishing an independent state.

The most remarkable Latvians of their time — well-known writers, doctors, musicians, developers, teachers and officials— were members of this Society.Their activities contributed significantly to the development of Latvian education and culture, including the organization of the Latvian Song Festival. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Riga Latvian Society played a significant role in shaping civil society in Riga and Latvia. Evidentiary documents from the National Archives of Latvia and the funds of Riga Latvian Society were used for the exhibition.