Festive Programme

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The 24-Hour Basketball Tournament “Battle of the Riverbanks”, in which compete teams of Riga city locals from the right and left side of Daugava River, this year will take place for the ninth time. The question of which side of the river has the best basketball players remains unanswered, because after eight years of tournaments the result is 4:4. This is a huge and exciting sporting event.

Traditionally participants include people from major Latvian universities, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, politicians, Latvian basketball players of different age groups from the national teams, wheelchair basketball players and other enthusiasts.

The competition will be opened by three-point shot and slam dunk contests. Aside from the basketball matches, the best DJ’s in the city and popular musicians will perform on a special stage all 24 hours. On August 19th, before the final duel of the riverbanks, a skills challenge competition will take place.

Participation in the event is free, additional information and registration on the tournament’s website: www.krastspretkrastu.lv