Festive Programme

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Festival “Riga Textile Mosaic 2018” is a collection of exhibitions that showcase the newest works by Latvian and foreign textile artists.

This year the theme of the festival is related to Latvia’s centennial celebration. At the festival visitors will have a chance to see works by artists of a textile mosaic group from Perm (Russia) in an exhibition “Echoing”, to see works by German textile artist Brigitte Morgenroth in an exhibition called “Contemporary Interpretation of the Classical Quilt”.

Available to be seen by the public will be artwork by members of the Latvian Textile Mosaic Group in the thematic exhibitions “Dedication” and “Scarves”; an International Mini-quilt Contest “Legacy” and an exhibition of students’ works from the International Competition “A Gift for Latvia” will also take place there.

Festival exhibitions can be seen until September 9th.