Riga City Festival continues with an operetta music concert, Medieval Fair, children’s entertainment, cultural and sporting events.


On Riga City Festival’s third day, August 20, visitors are welcome at the operetta music concert in Dzegužkalns, at Jāņa Rozenāla square for the children’s entertainment, at Vērmanes Garden Park for family activities and at 11. novembra krastmala, as well as at the Medieval Fair and at the Rowing Festival in the city canal. 

On Saturday an exciting programme of events for families will take place at the event “Ziedi Vērmanei” in Vērmanes Garden Park. Several specially prepared performances for children will be shown on the park’s stage – songs for children by Arnis Miltiņš, Liepāja Puppet Theatre’s play “A Story about a Wolf”, musical play for children “The new Adventures of Sīpoliņš” by “Latvijas Koncerti”, Jānis Lūsēns’ musical performance “Let It Be!”, Andžejs Grauds drum school ensemble’s concert and concert programme by the children’s ensemble “Momo” of VEF Culture Palace. Furthermore, creative workshops and a chess tournament will come about in the park territory; also in the park will play the orchestra “Miers un Bērziņš” and perform street performers from Russia and Germany in the show “Lost Wheels of Time”. 

The event “Green Riga’s Green Stories” with the stroller parade, the procession of large dolls and mascots and the performance by the street theatre “V.O.S.A. Theatre” from Riga’s friendship city Prague will take place at 11. novembra krastmala. Visitors will be able to shop at the craftsmen’s fair and listen to the concert programme “Father Bear’s Songs” with performances by Kārlis Lācis rhythm group, children’s vocal ensemble “Dzeguzīte” and soloists Aija Andrejeva, Jolanta Strikaite, Intars Busulis and Artūrs Skrastiņš. There will also be musical performances by the group “Otra Puse” and soloist Antra Stafecka, as well as by DJ [Ex] da Bass. Children’s entertainment will include the activities prepared by the active tourism centre “Eži”, the bubble ball and the playing of the playground game “hopscotch”.

The festivities in Dzegužkalns will bring about a particularly celebratory mood, there the most beautiful Viennese operettas will be played and people will have a chance to dance the Viennese waltz and enjoy Viennese coffee. In the concert will perform Anta Jankovska from Italy, Nauris Indzeris, Helēna Sorokina from Austria, Laura Purena, Dainis Skutelis and Emīls Kivlenieks, actor Jānis Kirmuška, dancers, as well as orchestra conducted by  Guntars Bernāts. Everyone in Dzegužkalns will have a chance to learn and dance the Viennese waltz under the guidance of Liene Skulme’s and Eldars Salvis Ozoliņš’s dance studio “Solis Augšup”. Dance music orchestra under the leadership of Raimonds Ozols will invite everyone to ballroom dances, soloist Madara Dziedātaja and illusionist Edžus Kauķis will add to the romantic atmosphere, while the ladies club “Flora” from Līgatne will demonstrate beautiful ball gowns. 

Festival will continue on the “Origo Summer Stage” on which children’s, seniors’ and family musical groups will perform as part of the concert cycle “Song bridges from Heart to Heart”; celebration will also continue at the fair “A Piece of Latvia” in Esplanāde, at the Piens Festival in K. K. fon Stricka villa and at the Medieval Fair next to St. Peter’s Church. 

On the last day of celebration will conclude the beach volleyball, floorball and basketball competitions, while the Rowing Festival – Riga Canal Rowing Cup will take place in the city canal.