360° virtual tour of Riga City Festival 2013


Riga City Festival 2014 will be held from august 15 to 17


Riga City festival 2014 will be held from august 15 to 17

The highlight of the Rīga Festival and the closing event at 11. novembra krastmala


The “Rīga Festival 2013”, after a variety of events over three days, will conclude at 11. novembra krastmala with the “Theatre Parade” programme and special performances by guest artists which have never before been seen in Rīga – the lively Polish string quartet, “MozART Group” with their original and attractive interpretations of classical music, and a visually impressive performance by French street theatre troupe “Transe Express”. Those attending the final event will also enjoy concert programmes prepared by the Latvian theatre as well as the traditional festival fireworks.  

On the second day of the Riga Festival, theatre on the city streets and a special performance by French troupe Transe Express


On August 17th, the second day of the Riga Festival, Rīgans and visitors to the city will be treated to a broad spectrum of cultural, sporting, technical and children’s events both in the city centre, as well as in outlying areas, including events known and anticipated, as well as surprises and never-before-seen performances. One of these is the parade and performance of French street theatre troupe Transe Express on 11. novembra embankment, which promises to be visually impressive and a theatrical presentation never before seen on the streets of Riga.

The Rīga Festival commences with a huge open-air concert


The Rīga Festival, at which the people of Rīga and visitors will be entertained at traditional and popular, as well as interesting, diverse and surprise-filled events, commences today on 16th August. One of these is a huge opera music concert “From the Duke of Courland to Wagner”, which takes place by the Freedom Monument from 9pm with colourful stage design, and an interplay of light and music.

During the Riga Festival, traffic will be restricted; 11. novembra embankment will be closed.


During the festival from August 16th to 18th, approximately 100 different events will be taking place in the city. During this time traffic restrictions will be implemented, including on Monday, August 19th, when at 11:00 a.m. traffic will be closed to vehicles on 11.novembra embankment. The Riga City Council is asking residents to use public transport if possible to attend festival events. On August 17th and 18th public transport will be free.

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