Riga City Festival 2012 will be held from 17 - 19 August


The more detailed information about festival will be available at the end of July.

1188 has developed a special Rīga Festival guidebook for mobile phones


1188 Information Line has developed a special Rīga Festival guidebook - m.1188.lv/rigassvetki, which is easy to look at and use on both laptops and mobile phones. It contains the Rīga Festival programme, information about all of the event sites, weather forecasts and about transport to and from Rīga.

Jousting by knights on horseback to take place on the Krastmala during the Rīga Festival


On Sunday, 21st August, as part of Rīga's 810th Year Anniversary Festival, something never before seen in Latvia will take place at the 11. novembra krastmala - jousting by knights on horseback. This will be demonstrated by "Gerard Naprous & The Devil's Horsemen Stunt Team" from Great Britain, which includes professional cinema stuntmen and horse trainers.

Significant City traffic restrictions are planned during the Rīga Festival


This weekend, during the Rīga Festival significant traffic restrictions will be introduced in the City. Therefore the Rīga City Council invites residents to use public transport whenever possible when visiting Festival events. Public transport is free on the 20th and 21st August.

The Vērmanes Garden will transform into a Master Garden during the Rīga Festival


During the Rīga Festival, on the 20th and 21st August, the Vērmanes Garden in the centre of Rīga will pulsate like the city's Master heart - with Master streets, musicians and workshops.